Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beverly's fabric

Compared to other cities I don't feel San Diego has a lot of fabric stores. I looked online to find stores and I was surprised that besides from a handful of Joanne's fabric, stores are few and far between. Beverly's craft and fabric is a chain in California. They have a good selection of quality fabrics ranging from oil cloth to chenille. They carry Amy Butler patterns and fabrics. Which are even lovelier in person! The staff is very friendly and helpful yet not to pushy. There always seems to be something on sale. Today all rose prints were 30% off. One draw back is their button selection isn't great. Most of the buttons seem out dated and unoriginal. Warning if you are going to this store with a small child they have lots of stuffed animals! Dr G always gets distracted by the children's books and stuffed animals.

Overall I enjoy shopping at Beverly's craft and fabric. The staff gives you enough room to shop but are readily available if you have a question. They also offer classes in sewing and crafts.
Beverly's craft and fabric
6185 Balboa Ave
San Diego Ca 92111

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sew Liberated

I would really like to sew something that I can wear on a regular basis. I think a skirt would be a good place to start. I was looking on the Internet today for some beginner patterns. I came across Sew Liberated The school house tunic looks so cute and comfortable.

Chill out

This is what the sky looked like this morning when Dr G and I took our morning walk. We saved 2 worms today. We have been reading Winnie Finn, earthworm farmer by Carol Bendler. It's about a girl who loves earth worms. It is a great book for preschoolers to 2nd grade. Dr G won't touch a worm but he is learning that they are small creatures with an important job.

Is it Friday yet? Can't wait for the weekend to get here so we can all relax for a long weekend. Everyone in my home has been busy this week with work, laundry, school reports. We all need to just chill out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quite possibly the best gift ever!
Some people may think of laundry as a chore but I think its like shopping out of your hamper. I love the thought of never having to go to the laundry mat again! So that's what I've been doing this week loads and loads of laundry!
It is a lovely cloudy day in my patch of the world and I am stumped on what to make for dinner. I want a comfort food but I don't want to make chili or meatloaf. I looked to Martha Stewart for inspiration...nothin. Then I looked at some other blogs but nothing popped out at me. I think I might just end up making stew but I really wanted to WOW the family. I want to make something for dinner that will make the whole house smell inviting!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Thief

1 reason I haven't been blogging or sewing lately is I was reading The Help. I finally got my hands on this hot piece of literature and was consumed by it. It ignited my passion of great storytelling. After I finished The Help I was ready to start a new book. I had a few books in mind that I wanted to read but I have been on a long waiting list for them at the library. My friend read The Book Thief and couldn't stop raving about it. I decided to take my friend's advice. I picked up that book from the library I also got a book off my waiting list, The Cookbook Collector by Allera Goodman. My reading dry spell is over! Doesn't look like I'll be sewing any time soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Long time no blog:( I took an unintended break from the computer and sewing machine. Here is a coffee cozy I did with some left over fabric. Can you tell it is Elvis? I kept it basic with a simple black button. Sadly this is the only thing I've sewn all year. My top sewing goal for 2011 is to start and finish a quilt. I'd like to take a class.
If you are ever in San Diego and would like to do something inexpensive other than the beach...I would suggest Old Town. It can get very busy on the weekends so parking stink. It is a state park so most of the museums are free. San Diego's oldest school house is here. The kids always have a good time running around. The boys also like the candy shop where you can see taffy being made.