Friday, July 29, 2011

Furious 5

Last night was a wild night in mommyhood. I don't want to give you any of the grizzly details but one of the boys woke up after midnight vomiting. It was a mess. I wasn't sure if it was the flu and we would ALL be sick or food poisoning. I was planning on spending our Friday confined to the house. However in the morning everyone was feeling good and wanting to get out of the house. Despite a rough night it turned out to be a great day. We went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. D is currently obsessed with Kung Fu Panda. We made a game of finding all the members of the Furious Five. Flamingos are not part of Kung Fu Panda but I just thought the baby flamingos are cool looking.

Awww Baby flamingo
Feeding frenzy!

F.W. got picked to be in the zoo show! He was pretty excited.

He smelled after this kiss!

After the zoo we visited the carousel at Balboa park. F.W. is practicing grabbing the brass ring. If you grab the brass ring you get a free ride. He caught 3 rings however none were brass.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It wasn't easy getting D off the towel. He isn't a fan of sand or seaweed

F.W. on the other hand is part fish. I have to yell at him to get out of the water.

Almost the end of our beach visit and D is still clean aside from his feet. I was surprised at how much he loves having his feet buried.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wonerful Wedding!

I was in my sister's wedding and all I got was this crumby vase
I kid I kid!

The sad truth is I was in my wonderful older sister's wedding. Wait that's not the sad part...The day of the wedding I am trying to remember everything and keep my cool. However I could NOT find my camera! I didn't want to be late so I had to make an executive decision and leave without my camera*! SO sad. I got a couple pictures on my blackberry but they won't do the wedding justice. I took a few pictures on my other sister's camera. I am hoping she will let me borrow them. I love the purple tulip bouquet we got to carry down the aisle. I have been wanting to take home this vase since my Mom and sister picked out the flowers! It was truly a marvelous day. I hope they have a long and blessed marriage.

*the camera was hiding on the kitchen table under the table runner. UGH!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


New pop of color This project is so simple. If you can sew a straight line you can make this. You will need a long piece of fabric, Thread, Wooden Balls I used 3/4 inch but you can go bigger.

To measure the right length of fabric it should be able to wrap around your neck twice. Measure 4 inches wide. Cut fabric then fold it in half right sides facing each other. Sew it together. Turn it out.

Now you are ready to insert balls and tie a knot. Attach ribbon to both ends. Hope that makes sense.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Roaming Reporter

Today's project to keep the kids busy was making our own newspaper. After breakfast this morning we walked to get a newspaper. Sometimes I'll plan to buy the newspaper and there is a house smashed by a tornado or terrorist explosion on the cover. Luckily today's paper was pretty mild. We read about the Women's World Cup and in the business section how Old Navy is changing it's look to up their sales. D was our man about town writing the local weather report. F.W. wrote the business section ("price of Starbucks' scones up another 10 cents") and made an ad about saving energy. We had fun talking about headlines. Its only Monday and I am spent! ha

County Fair

Black Jack the giant steer

Not my proudest Mom Moment! Good thing the fair only comes to town once a year.

Fun House!

Love @ the Midway....Pictures of the 2 of us together are few and far between.

F.W. showing off deep fried Thin Mints. None of us liked those. D getting force feed deep fried Kool-Aid which was delicious!

Better late than never. I meant to share our visit to the County Fair. Somehow it slipped my mind. I LOVE the fair. We go every year. This year we went on a lot more rides since Baby D isn't a baby anymore. Last year D wanted to go on the giant Ferris wheel but there just wasn't enough time. We only went to the fair for half an hour that year because we needed to be at my little sister's wedding rehearsal. He didn't forget this year. I was worried he might freak out when we got to the top. D wanted to go on with just me making me feel extra special. We waited in line for our turn. We get on the ride and there is NO safety belt! Just a loose strap you put over your shoulder. This strap was good for nothing! I start to panic. I just keep envisioning him jumping up from his seat and falling out. I had to keep both hands on his shoulders or I would have had a serious panic attack. Needless to say I didn't get any pictures from the Ferris wheel. Maybe next year??

Friday, July 15, 2011

Folklore Bag

One Yard Wonders Folklore Bag
So glad I finished this bag. Folklore Bag was the most frustrating project I've sewn so far. The lining is half the size of the exterior. I miss read the directions and really went off track with this bag. I didn't want to give up because I really love the fabric. My bag doesn't really look like the one in the book but I will use it anyway. I'll be using it this weekend around town.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clay Anyone?

When we were at the Children's Museum the kids played with the clay for half an hour. Just sitting talking being creative. No fighting! I was a little shocked. They would have sat there longer but we urged them to look around some more. This gave me the idea we should have clay at home. F.W. and his friend liked it because clay seems more grown up than play dough. I liked it because it doesn't smell like play dough!
This is the new fabric I ordered online to make a summer scarf.
You might remember the blue spring scarf I made. I really loved it. However I ended up giving that away to a friend. I figured it gave me a good excuse to make another.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Super Party

I couldn't help myself here are some more pictures from the party. Instead of grab bags I filled reusable cups with goodies to take home.

We're a family of Supers

4 candles

D and his BFF

Perfecting his Superman

Superhero Party

I sewed the streamers together to give them a ruffled look. I got the idea from this blog It is so easy!
My nephew is ready to get the bad guys.

I made the boys masks out of felt and ribbon. I cut up t-shirts to make their super capes.

Boys suiting up for action!

Super D flying through the air.

Chillin on the cooler

Ready for some ice cream cake!

It was a great party! The boys stayed the night at my Mom's the night before the party. It was fun getting ready for the party just me and the hubby. When D came home we had the place transformed. He was surprised and excited.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Diego Children's Museum

FW jumping with a buddy from school.

Super D

We went to the New Children's Museum about a year and a half ago. I wasn't to impressed. For one thing it was overcrowded...granted we did go on free Sunday. The exhibits didn't really hold the kid's attention. We hadn't been back since then.

This morning our friends with a son D's age called to see if we would meet them there. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a free Sunday again but it wasn't crowded. The kids really liked playing with bubbles and clay. They had workshops set up for the kids. Kids made superhero shields and masks. Then joined a hip hop dance class. The older kids enjoyed bouncing in a rainbow. It was a lot of fun and I will bring them there again.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Look who I ran into on my morning walk! I was kinda freaked out. I knew no one would believe me. Luckily I had my trusty blackberry and got a pic.

Yikes I feel we're "in the trenches" of summer! It's only July and I feel like I've already run out of things to keep the boys busy! I am so tried of refereeing their quarrels. It doesn't help that it has been hot here. Heat and lack of sleep make me a Real grump. I haven't sewn in days. I've had some projects swimming around in my head however I haven't acted on any of them.

July should be a very exciting month. Little D turns 4 and my sister's wedding. Yet today I am not feeling it. This weekend is D's party. I should be putting together goodie bags and making super-hero capes. I am sure my summer blues will fade soon.

BOOK NEWS I finished The Paris Wife By Paula McLain. I really enjoyed this novel. It's about Ernest Hemingway's 1st wife (He had 4!) It takes place in the 20's. Their marriage starts off with so much promise and happiness....yet you know its all going to fall apart.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How we spent our 4th & this bag is killing me

God bless America! My sister brought me "Get Well Soon" Sprinkles cupcakes.
On 4th of July we went to our neighborhood park. They have a great 4th of July party with kettle corn and games. Even a bike/pet parade.

Brave F.W. I couldn't believe how fast he climbed the wall! He said it was easy getting up. Climbing down was the hard part.

Little D on the monkey bridge. He wanted to do it all on his own.

This bag is killing me. I really want to finish this. I went wrong putting the sides of the bag together. Once I realized I messed up I was to far along. I felt I had to keep trucking ahead. I need to add the straps and connect the lining. However I am not really following the pattern now. I just need 2 hours of silence and I think I could finish.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Good Bye Glasses!

I donated all these relics to the lions club.

I've worn glasses since the 2nd grade. I was so excited to get my rad purple plastic glasses. However by the second day of wearing them I hated them. All through school I had a love hate relationship with them. None of my 3 sisters wore glasses so it became something that separated me from them. Glasses really became a part of my identity. I really rocked the Nerd Chic look. My eye sight has gotten progressively worse and my glasses were really turning into coke bottles! I finally got fed up with not being able to see in the shower. So this Friday I went under the laser. I am really happy I had lasiks! My eyes are still a little sensitive. I can't stare at a computer screen for long or read. This should pass soon I hope. Its crazy how easy it was. I kinda wish I'd done it years ago.