Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wonerful Wedding!

I was in my sister's wedding and all I got was this crumby vase
I kid I kid!

The sad truth is I was in my wonderful older sister's wedding. Wait that's not the sad part...The day of the wedding I am trying to remember everything and keep my cool. However I could NOT find my camera! I didn't want to be late so I had to make an executive decision and leave without my camera*! SO sad. I got a couple pictures on my blackberry but they won't do the wedding justice. I took a few pictures on my other sister's camera. I am hoping she will let me borrow them. I love the purple tulip bouquet we got to carry down the aisle. I have been wanting to take home this vase since my Mom and sister picked out the flowers! It was truly a marvelous day. I hope they have a long and blessed marriage.

*the camera was hiding on the kitchen table under the table runner. UGH!

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