Friday, July 29, 2011

Furious 5

Last night was a wild night in mommyhood. I don't want to give you any of the grizzly details but one of the boys woke up after midnight vomiting. It was a mess. I wasn't sure if it was the flu and we would ALL be sick or food poisoning. I was planning on spending our Friday confined to the house. However in the morning everyone was feeling good and wanting to get out of the house. Despite a rough night it turned out to be a great day. We went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. D is currently obsessed with Kung Fu Panda. We made a game of finding all the members of the Furious Five. Flamingos are not part of Kung Fu Panda but I just thought the baby flamingos are cool looking.

Awww Baby flamingo
Feeding frenzy!

F.W. got picked to be in the zoo show! He was pretty excited.

He smelled after this kiss!

After the zoo we visited the carousel at Balboa park. F.W. is practicing grabbing the brass ring. If you grab the brass ring you get a free ride. He caught 3 rings however none were brass.

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