Thursday, November 12, 2009

That's a lot of booty! So nice to see the kids using their Trick or Treat bags I made for them. I was happy not one fell apart. Something you don't see every day...A Banana beating up Andy Kaufman!

So sorry to see Halloween go! It was a wonderful night and the kids got lots of candy for Mom and Dad insert evil laugh. Dr. G was a monkey and F.W. was Andy Kaufman which not to many people got but F.W thought it was awesome!

Now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching its time to put my sewing into high gear for X-Mas gifts. I am planning on making Dr.G a super cape for when he is saving animals. I've made him a couple capes out of his big brother's old t shirts but I want to make him a special one with a D on the back! I also want to make taxi tote for a friend.
I am looking for a pattern to make a table runner. I haven't had any luck all the patterns I find are quilts which I don't want.

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