Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Proud Mama Hen...

Yesterday was a great day FW graduated elementary school.

All my Sista represent!

I love my sisters they are all so gorgeous.

So proud of our baby.

Another milestone. I can't believe I am a Mom of a middle-schooler!

Summer is here...I have mixed feelings about summer. I enjoy having the boys home but its the sibling arguments that get on my last nerve. One minute they are playing nice. I look over a second later and its a full on brawl. I refuse to let them veg out and watch T.V. all day. There should be a parenting/ self-help book on surviving the summer. I would buy it!! I try to set up trips and activities but by the end of the day I am beat and the kids still have energy...Oh and the house is a mess. I <3 Summer

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