Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall walk & Blue Nights

D&I went on a walk to find the color maroon...

I read Blue Nights By Joan Didion. I have never read her books before but she is one of the authors you keep hearing about. She loves California as much as I do. I felt like I should read something by her. Blue Nights is Didion's newest book. It is a follow up memoir to A Year of Magical Thinking (I love that title). In A Year of Magical Thinking she writes about her husband's death. Blue Nights is about her daughter's illness and eventual death. Although this book is sad she writes candidly about motherhood, aging & loss that will never heal.

The memoir flows along like it's a long conversation & she is talking to herself in the car. "When we talk about mortality we are talking about our children." I like how she name drops about Hollywood in the 60s,70s&80s. It's a somber memoir but I really liked it.

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