Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspiration at Starbucks

Emilie by Julep
When D had his Dinosaur themed birthday party I got this nail polish. I was trying to keep with the theme & thought it was a Velociraptor color. I really loved this color green. Then it dawned on me of course I love this color it is Starbucks Green! It really compliments my trenta Starbucks green iced tea.
Every time we go to Starbucks the boys want a pastry. D loves the Madeleines. F.W. loves the Petite Vanilla Scones. I like the Maple Oat Scone. Today I stopped by Starbucks enjoying my independence after dropping off the boys at school. I was tempted to buy some prepackaged pastries when I was inspired to make some Madeleine cookies at home. Now I just need the boys to get home before I am tempted to eat them all.

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  1. Wow impressed with the cookies, Coco got a package yesterday she's obsessed!!