Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I wore Sunday…Winter White

 Happy second Sunday of Advent. Today was pretty chilly but as I watch the football games I know it's nothing compared to the East Coast. I love wearing dresses and skirts. When the temperature dips I try hard not to wear jeans or pants to Mass. I stay warm with boots and lots of layers.
Sweater:: Old Navy
Shirt:: Eddie Bauer
Scarf:: street vendor in NYC
Tights:: Donna Karen @Costco
Boots:: BP Nordstorm
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 In my quest to find matchy nail colors…I've found the perfect Starbucks red Julep's Claudette.
 Currently I'm reading an inspiring book on Saint Therese of Lisieux by Heather King

When I asked F.W. to take my picture for this post I found over a dozen photos like this on my phone. haha


  1. Ha..matching nail color and Starbucks cup...I love it! You look great....winter white is awesome!

  2. Beautiful. Love your Suday fashion posts;)

  3. Looking fabulous -- love that spicy red on the nails.