Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Canvas Tote

Big news in 2014!
The Hubby and I are going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks! I am super excited. I've been busy packing. One of the things I was having trouble packing was a suitable bag. Most of my purses are black and not  beach appropriate. I decided I would sew a bag but I couldn't find a fabric I liked. Instead I went to Michael's. I bought some tape, a $3.99 canvas bag and Martha Stewart all purpose paint. 
 I love the Martha Stewart paint. It is good on any surface even fabric. 
The hard part was picking a design…Should I stencil? Do polka dots? Finally I settled on classic stripes.
I was inspired by the Starbucks packaging.  I was originally going to paint the bag brown and rose gold polka dots. After thinking about it I thought rose gold and navy stripes was nautical and look better for the beach. 
 Taped up the bag
 2 coats of paint...
And Ta Da my bag is ready to fill with sunscreen and a book!

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