Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toad &Toadette

 My sister and her husband went to a Sweetheart's dinner at their church. Each couple was assigned a table that had a theme. You dress up to go along with the theme. Their table's theme was Super Mario Brothers. They decided to go as Toad and Toadette. In case you are wondering who Toad and Toadette are here is a picture.
Toad and Toadette
My sister had an idea of how to make the costumes but she asked me to help a little. It was such a fun project! We made the mushroom hats using sombreros. We covered the top of the sombreros with felt filled with grocery bags.  
sewing on the bottom panel of the dress.

I was relived that we found a pink dress at a store so I didn't have to sew a whole dress. However the dress was too short so I added 6 inches of white fabric to the bottom.
Toad's vest
The vest was easy enough to make because we cut a shirt down the middle, chopped off the sleeves and added some gold ribbon.
The table decorations were awesome.
They looked so good they won the costume contest! 

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