Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabric Store

Maisonnette Oceanside

F.W's favorite fabric
What will I make with this??

F.W. and I did a little fabric shopping this week. He wasn't to thrilled about going...I tried to make it fun for him by letting him take pictures with my camera. He took all 3 pictures. I know I have written about Maisonnette before but it really is my favorite place to get fabric. It's a cool old house off Pacific Coast Highway. For a newbie like me I've found the staff is so helpful and friendly. They always want to know what project you are working on. Every bolt in this place is wonderful! You can find organic and really unique textiles. They also carry some art and jewelry.

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  1. Thanks Sarah for the great tips on New York, I will def. go to the places you suggested, I really appreciate the ideas!! Can't wait!!!