Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello March, Baking & Books

I baked New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are delicious. You really can't eat just one! What makes these cookies different is you don't use all purpose flour instead you use bread and cake flour. Give them a whirl because they really are yummy.

My nails are ready for Spring. This mellow yellow is not my typical color...Not sure how long I'll keep them yellow.
 I am currently reading Lessons from Madame Chic By Jennifer L. Scott. Picked up this little nugget of wisdom from the library. We can all stand to be a little chicer.
We met the San Diego Chicken! Being a San Diego native this was a really big deal. As a kid I would see the Chicken at Padres games and he was always on the local news in the 80's. D was not thrilled about meeting the Chicken but both boys were good sports.

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