Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Julep Maven

 I love nail polish and I love mail so joining a monthly nail polish website is a no brainer for me. Every month at you can buy a Mystery Box. How exciting is that?? In the past I've always been pleasantly surprised. However this month was a let down. I only got 3 colors (in the past I've gotten 6). I wasn't thrilled with the colors and The Daylight Defense I already own. As luck would have it D's school is having it's big fundraiser this weekend. The school makes a lot of money off a silent auction. So I donated this box to the silent auction. Combine this box of nail goodies with a spa pass and the school is sure to raise some $$$.
My one sister's nails ALWAYS look good. I would do my nails and they would look less glossy and chip right away. My sister asked "Do you use a top coat?" I was like no...Well using a top coat has made all the difference. I usually use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. It helped seal in the color and my nails would dry fast but it has a terrible smell that lingered for days. I got Julep Freedom Top Coat in my Maven box and I'll never use Sally's again! Biggest improvement for doesn't smell toxic. It prevents chipping and gives your nails a high gloss like Gels but it doesn't strip your nails like Gels. It can be removed with any nail polish remover.

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