Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

This Sunday I got to wear boots for the 1st time this season, hooray for Fall. 
This whole get up is Target 
except the boots: BP at Nordstorm 
Bag: Fossil
What are the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple wearing this Sunday?? Do yourself a favor and check it out HERE.
 Nails: OPI You don't know Jacques!
I kind of forgot about this color, I haven't worn it all year. I think it is the perfect neutral for Autumn.  
My sweet F.W. and I were color coordinated today. I feel like photos of me turn out SO much better if I have one of the boys with me. Being a parent to a teenager is a new challenge...the mood swings alone are crazy. I just keep thinking this to shall pass and try not to say something sarcastic that I will regret saying later. I am so thankful we go to Mass every Sunday together as a family.


  1. Love your outfit! The pattern on the sweater is perfect and that nail color is a great shade for fall!

  2. Cute sweater...and great boots. I always like to throw a kid into a picture too...then the whole focus isn't on me!

  3. Love brown and black together in the fall and winter! Looks great!

  4. Oh I LOVE your boots! Boots are my weakness! Another reason to love fall!! Stopping by from FLAP. Have a blessed week!

    1. Thank you, I saw your post and your boots are cute!

  5. Love the nail polish color! So elegant!