Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Pie Hole Los Angeles

While in Los Angeles for EIF Revlon Run/Walk we went to The Pie Hole.

 Savory or sweet all the pies we tried were delicious! I normally would pick cake over pie any day but this place has given me a change of heart. $6 seems like a lot of money for a slice of pie but it really is that good. If you want a whole pie you have to order it 48 hours in advance.
 Maple custard
This was my favorite one. I could eat an entire pie. I had it with a hot cup of tea. It's very sweet but the maple flavor isn't to strong, it's just right. 
 Mexican Hot Chocolate pie
This pie was super rich the chocolate had a hint of cinnamon.  
This is a savory pie…it is filled with mac & cheese! It had a yummy flakey outside and the mac wasn't soggy inside. I don't know how they did it. We also had the veggie curry pie. I am glad there isn't a Pie Hole in San Diego because it would be dangerous!
The Pie Hole
714 Traction Ave
Los Angeles 90013

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