Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Palm Springs...PS I love you!

It was a kid free weekend! My Mom and 2 of my sisters stayed here.

I felt pretty good when we pulled up to check in and there was another bug there.

I am doing me best Bing Crosby...I don't think they ever actually stayed at the Del Marco.

Ice buckets in the room.

I am just sitting at the bottom of the pool. I missed the family but I did not want to leave that pool.

A Cherry Coke+ a book+ a pool= Happy lady

My one sister loves Palm Springs! I grouped Palm Springs in with Las Vegas and the state of Arizona assuming I would hate it because of the heat. My wise sister showed me this picture of a cute hotel built in 1947 in the heart of Palm Springs. I was intrigued and willing to give the city a try. We stayed at the Del Marco Hotel. It has 16 rooms with great AC! The pool is salt water. Sinatra and the Rat Pack play in the background as you swim or soak up the sun. I really love this little hotel. You can check in, park your car and not have to drive until you check out.

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  1. Love it! So lucky to escape with your sisters and momma!!