Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kingdom Rock VBS Snacks

Day 1 God's Love Helps us Stay Strong.
 When I volunteered to help our church with Vacation Bible School snacks I figured a few carrots in Ranch Dressing and Goldfish. I was mistaken! Our snack committee, one other Mom and me made snacks for 99 kids. For each day we came up with snacks to go along with the day's lesson. The VBS kit came with suggestions for snacks however we came up with a few of our own ideas.
Day 1 using cookie cutters we sliced up watermelon into hearts.
Day 2 Family & Friends Help us Stand Strong
 We made standing towers. We used washi tape to make the little flags.
Day 4 Crown of Jesus with Jewels 
 Day 4 we made quesadillas in the shape of a crown. We had colorful grapes on the side so the kids could use as jewels. Quesadillas are are a great snack. All the kids wanted seconds.
Tomorrow is our final day and we made frozen chocolate covered bananas.

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