Sunday, July 7, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

 Sweater:: Old Navy
Dress:: Land's End*
Shoes:: DSW
From far away you can't tell I am wearing clashing patterns.
 I had 2 objectives for this weekend's outfit...1. NO stripes 2. Mix patterns
Lately I've seen a lot of pictures in fashion magazines about mixing patterns. An example of this would be wearing flowers and stripes. The trick is to have a color that pulls the outfit together.  I kind of played it safe with black and white but hey I tried it. 
*Land's End makes this same dress every summer just in different fabric patterns. 
After my bold 4th of July nails I needed something simple and lady like. I love this color Tea with the Queen by Butter London. Yes, my mug is filled with Barry's tea.

Hey, you can check out what other Lovely Ladies wore to mass this Sunday at fine linen and purple.


  1. What a flattering dress! And I love the pretty! And the polka dot shoes BLEND with the dress...not clash! :)

  2. Beautiful!

    Are you in San Diego, or is the mug a keepsake? My brother and sister-in-law are out there. God bless!

    1. The mug was a birthday gift. I do live in San Diego. It is a great city.

  3. I see no clashing here! This is a great mix of prints and I love the pop of color in your bag and sweater :)