Sunday, May 12, 2013

UNIQUE LA Spring Show

While my friend, Kristina and I were in Los Angeles for the EIF Revlon Run we went to a market. The unique LA's Spring Show. It was part craft fair, Art show, part local LA sellers and ALL hipster! It was near the fashion district on the 16th floor of a building. I wish I had an unlimited budget because there were lots of one of a kind jewelry and posters. It was a fun day of shopping but boy are my legs tired.
 Kristina got this chevron bow
 These were little shadow boxes. I wanted one but where would I put it??
 I'm going to eat you, cupcake.
 This scarf was so cool! However we both agreed it is a little heavy duty for So Cal. 
 That's a lot of alligator.
This is the canvas tote we got from UNIQUE LA.
state of unique has shows in New York and San Francisco.
If your in Los Angeles today you should check it out!

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