Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What I wore Sunday

I can't believe how big F.W is...When did this happen?!? He will be an official teenager this year. How can this be? When we got home from mass this Sunday F.W. wanted to take a picture just the two of us. I was so happy that he still wants to be in a picture with his old Mum. It made my Mother's Day. I love dressing up for Mass but very seldom do I take a picture of what I wear. On the blog www.fine linen and purple it's all about what you wore on Sunday. Cute idea.
What I Wore
Dress:: Gap
Shoes:: Nine West
Watch:: Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses:: Marc Jacobs

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  1. Cute dress! I avoid natural waists like the plague, but that looks adorable on you.