Monday, June 18, 2012

Duke Gardens

 Being in North Carolina was a family reunion. We had over 20 people at the gardens. 2 Grandparents their 5 kids and spouses and 9 grand kids. I like this picture because we are walking in together and everyone starts going in different directions.

 My lovely nephew and nieces. D being his usual grouchy old man.

 F.W. and the pond filled with turtles.
 Gates to the gardens. (My In-Laws walking together on the left)
 Red faces...It was a little to hot for my clan. 
(photo taken by my sister in law)

(Photo taken by my Sister and Law)
Family picture time
If I had to pick my favorite place on this trip it would be Duke Gardens. It's absolutely beautiful. It is this huge green park filled with ponds, fountains and lots of different plants and trees. Duke Gardens had the biggest Magnolias I'd ever seen. I wish I'd gotten a picture. They smelled so good. It was really hot the day we the 90s. I would've liked to have stayed longer but it was just TOO hot. I think if it was cooler the boys would have enjoyed themselves more.

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