Saturday, June 16, 2012

Washington DC

When we got to DC we were very hungry. We met up with The Hubby's cousin, who lives in DC. He took us to this delicious burger joint called Black & Orange. I had the Now & Zen burger. It's soy sauce, green onion and ginger. So yummy!
World War 2 monument
 The last time The Hubby and I were in Washington DC this monument had just opened. It was really neat to share this trip with the kids. F.W is interested in WW2 so this monument had an impact on him. F.W. and I had recently watched a really good documentary on World War 2 on PBS. I think it was called War.

 Ford Theater 
 Everything is so green at the IRS building. Must be all my tax dollars.
Family photo at the Lincoln Monument
We had a great time at the Capital. We couldn't go into the Washington monument because it got some structural damage from the earthquake that shock the East Coast last year. The real bummer of the trip was they were working on the Smithsonian museum that has the neat pop culture exhibits the boys would enjoy. So we couldn't go in there. They were also redoing the reflection pools. The pools were all dug up and fenced up. We did a lot of walking that day and the boys were real troopers.

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