Friday, June 29, 2012

San Diego County Fair

 Brr it is cold on the moon.
 F.W being taken away by a UFO

 Everyone wants a bite of the candy apple.

Piggy Races
 Running to the fun house
My favorite!
ET phone home

Every year we do the photo booth Here is this year and some from years past. Someday I'd like to display them in the house. Since its our most reliable family picture.
Doesn't feel like summer till you go to the County fair. We go every year. This year it wasn't crowded. I've heard on the news attendance is down. I thought this year's theme "Out of This World" was pretty lame. When F.W. was young aliens were the boogie man to him. I thought some of the alien stuff was creepy. There were a few Star Wars reference but it was mostly Area 51. I guess I'm just old fashioned in wishing it was a farm theme and the fair felt more like Charlotte's Web than a trashy High School Carnival.

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